What is your role in the Bellingen Youth Orchestra Ensembles? 
Playing the French horn in the orchestra is the best part for me – especially the final 2 weeks before the concerts when the BYO are at their peak. Every rehearsal the whole horn section can be found rustling through paper trying to find their piece and then trying to remember which part they have been assigned as they swap parts all the time. I also tutor the whole brass section when rehearsals occur as sectionals, meaning navigating up to 11 individual parts.

What are some of your musical achievements?
Teaching music is one my of greatest achievements. It is a profession where I can use my skills and brings great mutual rewards. Most of my playing achievements occurred whilst undertaking the Diploma of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (where my son is currently studying), being involved in lots of ensembles, particularly orchestral. I also plays the piano, and have recently completed a jazz harmony course. I also play horn in a wind quintet for grownups.

What do you love about playing music?
Music is a direct experience of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, and that is most profound with a large orchestra such as the BYO. Music is a lifelong practice and thus hugely satisfying, your own input is reflected straight back to you. It can teach you so much about effort, efficiency, beauty and devotion.

What inspired you to teach music in Bellingen?
In the mid-2000s I would visit Bellingen and see the musical children busking around town and at the markets. I also spied happy teenagers and eventually brought my children here to raise them and soon became part of the BYO teaching family.

More than just an orchestra
More than just music

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