The Bellingen Youth Orchestra relies heavily on the very generous support it receives from across its community and beyond. Our supporters help maintain the Orchestra’s commitment to excellence, allowing us to provide opportunities for all young people to engage, thrive and reach their highest potential. We know that no young person should be disadvantaged by living in a regional area and all children should have equal access to creative, positive and rewarding pathways as they grow.

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra ensures its players are able to work with the finest musicians with access to the highest quality musical instruments and experiences.

Bellingen Youth Orchestra uses its donations to support players by:

  • Providing musical instruments for local primary schools and aspiring BYO players
  • Facilitating musical experiences through quality workshops and visiting artists
  • Maintaining a Player Bursary Fund to help players meet the costs of lessons and musical opportunities
  • Making accessible quality instruments beyond the means of individuals such as timpani and cor anglaise.
  • Building youth mentoring programs
  • Developing annual scholarships

Whether your contribution is $10 or $10,000, your support will help provide positive musical pathways for young people to discover a life-long love of music. With your help, the BYO will continue to work to inspire and empower players as they hone their musical skills, explore new musical possibilities and discover the benefits of shared musical experiences.

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient with the Australian Tax Office. Any donations made through this page are considered a gift to the Bellingen Youth Orchestra and can be claimed as a tax deduction on your annual tax return.

If you would like to discuss supporting the BYO through a regular sponsorship program please contact us @

On behalf of the BYO and all of its players and volunteers,

…. thank you for your donation! 

Rather than using a credit card, donations can also be made directly into our account. Just reference your name.

Bellingen Youth Orchestra Gift Fund

BSB: 533-000

Account: 10669028


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