What is your role in the Bellingen Youth Orchestra Ensembles?
I am currently a tutor for the trumpet section of the BYO, I also tutor piano at BHS and BDC. I play guitar, love to sing, compose and am a Registered Music Therapist.

What are some of your musical achievements?
I have composed for many choirs in Australia including Birralee Voices and Gondwana choirs and my choral works have been performed all around the world. I started the Music therapy program at The Children’s Hospital in 2003 where I introduced musicians in health roles engaging the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Musica Viva in our Sound Health project 2005. I was recently awarded a NSW 2021 Health Innovation award for the work I do with Parkinsons Patients called The Voice Project. In 2020 I began the Musicians in Health project here at Coffs Harbour Hospital.

What do you love about playing music?
Music gives me a sense of self sufficiency and nourishment…I can play or listen to music at anytime to reflect my mood, lift me out of a rut or simply drift off to some place other than the now. No matter your age, race, culture or ability we all respond to music in our own unique way. I don’t ever remember wanting to do anything else as I child… I always knew it was my path and passion. There is nothing better than hearing a choir lift notes from the page that you have written – its a very magical, surreal and life affirming experience.

What inspired you to teach music in Bellingen?
Being around other dedicated, talented musicians and teachers that give so selflessly to our next generation – its not hard to want to be part of this dream team!

More than just an orchestra
More than just music

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