This weekend the Bellingen Youth Orchestra provided our players with an incredible opportunity to participate in their first BYO inaugural camp. With highly acclaimed Australian musicians working alongside our already wonderful local talent, the players refined their musicianship. The camp was not just about playing music, it was also about ‘community’, an ethos the BYO pride itself on. Finally, it was also about fun. Thank you to our incredible hardworking BYO team of music teachers and volunteers that ensured the terrific success of the camp. Thank you to our visiting musicians! Lastly, thank you to those members of our community, the Bellingen council and the Bellingen High School that supported us financially and with our performance space. Finally, a very special shout out to the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre and the Coffs Harbour Christian Community School who catered for ALL our needs.

Read more at I Love Bello Shire website and the BYO Facebook page.

More than just an orchestra
More than just music

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