The 2023 Schools Concert was a resounding success, drawing in 450 students from nine primary schools and local homeschooling families. Despite a few schools pulling out due to scheduling conflicts, the feedback from teachers was overwhelmingly positive. Students were not only captivated by the musical performances but also expressed a keen interest in learning about various instruments.In response to teachers’ suggestions, the BYO has strategically planned to hold the event earlier in the school year for 2024. This adjustment aims to allow teachers to integrate the concert experience into their curriculum as a follow-up activity. The unique experience of witnessing a live orchestra left a lasting impression on both students and teachers alike. Many students had never encountered such a spectacle before, making it a memorable and enriching occasion. The BYO’s music teachers also enjoyed the opportunity to share their expertise, fostering a desire to strengthen ties with local teaching settings.Looking ahead to the 2024 playing year, the BYO is committed to building on these newfound relationships within the educational community. By creating more opportunities for collaboration and engagement, the orchestra hopes to contribute not just to musical appreciation but also to the broader educational experience of students. Bellingen Youth Orchestra would like to extend our warmest thanks to the Bellingen Shire Council for their support of this event. 

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