The BYO Ensembles are proud to work with an incredible team of highly qualified music teachers. These inspiring educators are committed to supporting and motivating the players through each of the weekly rehearsals and regular performances, forging strong mentoring relationships. The broad range of musical expertise provided by this team ensures each section of the orchestra is an integral part contributing powerfully to the whole. The BYO teaching team deliberately adopts a collaborative working model to ensure each player has appropriate support and opportunity. With backgrounds in professional ensembles such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Australian Youth Orchestra and a wealth of successful recording, festival and live performance experiences, the teachers at BYO all actively contribute to the vision of promoting a life-long love of music for each player. The BYO combined ensembles welcome visiting artists and returning alumni to provide workshops and join rehearsals and concerts as they seek to ensure a diverse range of musical experiences each year.

Peter Skelton


Zillah Hawley


Hazel Buchanan

Director, Bellingen Youth Orchestra Wind School

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