We were so pleased to once again be able to extend an invitation to our young players to try out for our annual Junior Scholarship. This has been on hiatus due to Covid. This year, we had ten wonderful players that made it through to round 2. These players in their written entries demonstrated among other things,  their  passion for music, how they planned to use the scholarship money to build their musical skill, their participation in ensembles and their commitment to music practice. Stage two saw the finalists deliver either 2 contrasting pieces or 1 piece with contrasting sections (max 7 minutes total performance time). The performances were judged on polish, technical proficiency in the pieces, tone and musicality. It was not an easy feat for our adjudicators deciding on our 2023 winners, as all players were exceptional. Well done to the ten finalists. The Bellingen Youth Orchestra would like to acknowledge the financial donation made by the Bellingen Music Association towards this scholarship round. 



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