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Players usually join the orchestra on the recommendation of their music teachers. Depending on their instrument, they may join one of the junior ensembles as a pathway to the full orchestra. If you are new to the area or not working with one of the many teachers associated with the orchestra, you can find out more about the audition process by contacting us at 

Scholarships programmes are run each year. These programmes usually target specific ages or experience levels in order to ensure they remain accessible to all players. Information about each scholarship round will be shared with players and families via email contacts and the Bellingen Youth Orchestra Family Facebook page.

In addition, the BYO maintains a Player Bursary Fund to support individuals meet the costs of musical tuition, instrument maintenance or orchestra fees. More information is available in the bursary question below or by contacting us at 


Fees vary according to which ensemble a player joins:

Bellingen Youth Orchestra String  School:                       $300 per year

Bellingen Youth Orchestra Wind  School:                       $300 per year

Bellingen Youth Orchestra:                                                $500 per year

Bellingen Youth Orchestra Sinfonia: TBC

Fees can be paid termly, each semester or for a full year. A sibling discount of 10% applies to second and subsequent players enrolled from the same family.

There is an expectation that all players enrolled with the BYO are undertaking regular music lessons in addition to the orchestra rehearsals.

This information is correct for 2024

Bellingen Youth Orchestra ensembles generally rehearse during NSW School Term periods.

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra String School rehearse each Thursday between 3.30 and 5.00pm at the Bellingen High School music rooms.

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra Wind School rehearse each Thursday between 3.30 and 5.00pm at the Bellingen High School music rooms.

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra rehearse each Thursday between 4.00 and 6.00pm at Bellingen High School, Stockton Hall.

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra Sinfonia rehearal times confirmed each Term.

Ensembles could be required to meet for extra rehearsals or an extended rehearsal as they prepare for specific performances. Times are publicised through email contacts and the Bellingen Youth Orchestra Family Facebook page.

Yes, you can use a ‘creative kids’ voucher to assist with payment of BYO fees.

The link for a ‘creative kids’ voucher can be found here.

Creative Arts Voucher

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra relies heavily on volunteer support. Our volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the association and undertake a wide variety of roles. With approximately 100 players, volunteer parents and music lovers are essential to the success of BYO programmes. Volunteer positions include holding annual committee positions, assistance at events, music photocopying and backstage assistance. We also rely on volunteers to coordinate the provision of afternoon tea for all our players at each rehearsal. This is unique to the BYO and encourages the peer support that is essential to the success of our organisation.

Please contact us for more information or if you have a skill set that would be of value to the BYO:

BYO is proud to be able to offer assistance to players where needed where needed. We work to ensure any interested young people can participate in our musical programmes, regardless of their financial situation. If you are in need of financial support to assist in the payment of student fees or music lessons please email us at  to find out more. Full details of your application do not need to be provided in the initial email. Your enquiry will be passed on to the Player Bursary Committee who will contact you.  Each case will be considered on its merits.

Yes, the Bellingen Youth Orchestra prioritises the safety of our players, music teachers and volunteers. The BYO Risk Management Strategy can be found in the policy section of the website.

The BYO provides supervision of students in the rehearsal and performance venues prior to and during our rehearsals and performances. However, it remains the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure their children are delivered and collected at specified times to each rehearsal or performance venue. The BYO does NOT take responsibility for supervision outside rehearsal and performance times and away from nominated venues.

The BYO actively works to promote the wellbeing of youth. As such we maintain high expectations for all players, teachers and volunteers who work with our organisation. Volunteers and music teachers are expected to follow the code of conduct regularly shared and within the organisation.

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