In a resounding celebration of musical excellence and dedication to nurturing future musicians, the BYO ‘2024 Senior Scholarship’ round once again showcased passion and musical accomplishment of nine exceptional BYO senior players.

Marisol Taylor submitted a wonderful application that showcased her unwavering passion for music. Her commitment to honing her musical skills and her plans for utilising the scholarship funds to elevate her playing, along with an exceptional performance, distinguished her as a deserving recipient of the ‘Bob Demkin Scholarship’ of $1000.00 to assist with tuition etc.

All BYO senior scholarship recipients provided written evidence, prior to their performance, of their active participation in ensembles, demonstrating not only their collaborative skills but also their commitment to the communal aspect of orchestral playing.  Their involvement in various musical activities, including performances, workshops, and prestigious exams such as AMEB and Suzuki Graduations, highlighted their proactive approach to personal and artistic growth on their chosen instruments. All recipients showcased an unparalleled dedication to music practice. Their commitment to regular practice sessions, coupled with their participation in competitions such as Eisteddfods etc, underscored their relentless pursuit of musical proficiency.

Finalists Performance Criteria: Finalists were to present 2 contrasting pieces or 1 piece with contrasting sections (max 7 minutes total performance time). Performances were judged on polish, technical proficiency in the pieces, tone & musicality.

Scholarship Adjudication Process: Scholarships were decided by two adjudicators nominated by the BYO Committee. The adjudicators, Susan McGowan and Dale Condon were chosen based on their specific area of expertise in musical performance or education in relation to our senior scholarship. Every care is taken to ensure that adjudicators do not have a conflict of interest in awarding scholarships. Scholarships are always announced as soon as is practicable after all applications have been considered.

This year along with Marisol, we would like to congratulate,

Camble Scott who received the $1000.00 Major Award and Heather Webb, Julius Taylor, Nimah Pollard, Enam Hunter, Xanthe Bartholomeaus, Holly McGuiggan and Scarlett Parry who recieved a $500.00 Achievment Award.

The BYO would like to extend their sincere thanks to Bob Demkin, Camp Creative, and three anonymous donors.



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